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Flapper, by D.H. Lawrence

LOVE has crept out of her sealéd heart 
  As a field-bee, black and amber, 
  Breaks from the winter-cell, to clamber 
Up the warm grass where the sunbeams start. 
Mischief has come in her dawning eyes,         5
  And a glint of coloured iris brings 
  Such as lies along the folded wings 
Of the bee before he flies. 
Who, with a ruffling, careful breath, 
  Has opened the wings of the wild young sprite?  10
  Has fluttered her spirit to stumbling flight 
In her eyes, as a young bee stumbleth? 
Love makes the burden of her voice. 
  The hum of his heavy, staggering wings 
  Sets quivering with wisdom the common things  15
That she says, and her words rejoice. 

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