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Love Storm
Love Storm, by D.H. Lawrence

MANY roses in the wind 
Are tapping at the window-sash. 
A hawk is in the sky; his wings 
Slowly begin to plash. 
The roses with the west wind rapping         5
Are torn away, and a splash 
Of red goes down the billowing air. 
Still hangs the hawk, with the whole sky moving 
Past him—only a wing-beat proving 
The will that holds him there.  10
The daisies in the grass are bending, 
The hawk has dropped, the wind is spending 
All the roses, and unending 
Rustle of leaves washes out the rending 
Cry of a bird.  15
A red rose goes on the wind.—Ascending 
The hawk his wind-swept way is wending 
Easily down the sky. The daisies, sending 
Strange white signals, seem intending 
To show the place whence the scream was heard.  20
But, oh, my heart, what birds are piping! 
A silver wind is hastily wiping 
The face of the youngest rose. 
And oh, my heart, cease apprehending! 
The hawk is gone, a rose is tapping  25
The window-sash as the west-wind blows. 
Knock, knock, ’tis no more than a red rose rapping, 
And fear is a plash of wings. 
What, then, if a scarlet rose goes flapping 
Down the bright-grey ruin of things!  30

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