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Autumn Sunshine
Autumn Sunshine, by D.H. Lawrence

THE SUN sets out the autumn crocuses 
  And fills them up a pouring measure 
  Of death-producing wine, till treasure 
Runs waste down their chalices. 
All, all Persephone’s pale cups of mould         5
  Are on the board, are over-filled; 
  The portion to the gods is spilled; 
Now, mortals all, take hold! 
The time is now, the wine-cup full and full 
  Of lambent heaven, a pledging-cup;  10
  Let now all mortal men take up 
The drink, and a long, strong pull. 
Out of the hell-queen’s cup, the heaven’s pale wine— 
  Drink then, invisible heroes, drink. 
  Lips to the vessels, never shrink,  15
Throats to the heavens incline. 
And take within the wine the god’s great oath 
  By heaven and earth and hellish stream 
  To break this sick and nauseous dream 
We writhe and lust in, both.  20
Swear, in the pale wine poured from the cups of the queen 
  Of hell, to wake and be free 
  From this nightmare we writhe in, 
Break out of this foul has-been. 

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