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Are you a Man
You always thought you were, but are you really...
en francais

It's not quite that obvious, actually. In case you 're in any doubt, we've designed the following self-test for you to check. Answer the following questions, and count up the number of 'yes' answers. If you run out of fingers to count on, then you're a man.

*Have yen ever passed beyond the "Passengers must not pass beyond this point" sign on a railway station?
*Have you ever decapsulated a beer bottle with your teeth I left foot /any part of your body beneath your waist?
*You applied for Oxford on your UCAS form, received an unconditional offer but turned it down on the grounds that the accommodation wasn't satisfactory. (Yen get 2 points for this one)
*Have you ever got drunk and been sick at somebody else's birthday party?
*Have you ever got drunk at somebody else's funeral (Irish need not answer this question)?
*Have you ever sleep-walked in somebody else's house?
*Have you already appeared in court?
*Have you ever been to a brothel?
*Have you ever been to a brothel and not paid?
*Have you ever appeared on Countdown, and cheated with a calculator?
*Have you ever worn "Fuck me" shoes?
*Have you ever appeared on Blind Date? And lost? (minus 2 points)
*Have you ever finished a bottle of vodka in under 2 hours?
*Did you buy your first pack of condoms before your first shave? (If condoms didn't exist in those days, then that's minus 1 point)

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