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 Bram Stoker Pop : 52
Some of Bram Stoker's greatest texts

 Ford Madox Ford Pop : 249
The full text of Ford Madox Ford's The Good Soldier

 Jane Austen Pop : 98
Full texts from Jane Austen, including Pride and Prejudice

 Lewis Carroll Pop : 3
Lewis Carroll's texts, including Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

 Nathaniel Hawthorne Pop : 183
Full texts of Nathaniel Hawthorne, including The Scarlet Letter

 Oscar Wilde Pop : 0
Complete texts from Oscar Wilde

 Thomas DeQuincey Pop : 24
The complete text of Thomas DeQuincey's Confessions of an Opium-Eater

 William Morris Pop : 18
The full text of William Morris' News From Nowhere

 William Shakespeare Pop : 11
Full texts from William Shakespeare, including the Tragedy of Coriolanus

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