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Out of Luck?
Where does it come from...
en francais

Luck has always been a much sought after and envied capacity of Man. The Lucky Man is often the one to 'make it' in society and in life. Luck is something that belongs to the realm of the unknown: no man knows how to achieve it, and if he did, he certainly would not pass on the secret
Yet the All mighty God of Lettuce is considered as a bit of an expert on the subject amongst fellow gods; he has accepted to help the rest of us mere mortals out by sharing a few important guidelines for achieving in the realm of Luck.

A group of seven magpies can be seen as a sign of bad luck, especially for any worm who happens to be in the middle of the group.

13: There are many legends as to the origin of this myth, for example, that of the man who found a 13-leaved clover near Cellafleld. Although 13 can be a lucky number for those in the legal profession, especially for lawyers whose clients have 13 wives all pressing for divorce, it is a good idea to avoid this number on the National Lottery and the Football Pools.
29: This is a good date to get married on, in February, especially for men who are liable to forget their wedding anniversary.
200: This number is usually a bad omen when followed by 'miles to the Bermuda Triangle'.

Cats have long been associated with Luck. The commonest belief surrounding these mystic creatures is that a black cat is a sign of bad luck. Not just for mice, though; a black cat crossing the road can be very unlucky if you're on a bicycle.

Ladders have long been considered unlucky; this probably has something to do with early man's finding out all about gravity and the way in which things seem to full down.
It has long been considered unlucky to walk under ladders. In fact, many people believe that just the sight of a ladder can be unlucky especially if it is leaning against your house and a masked man carrying a bag is running away from it

Fluffy Dice
Attaching fluffy dice in your car can be lucky, especially if you have a very small head and no airbag.

The belief that treading on small insects is bad luck is a common one, especially amongst small insects.

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