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This Could be Hard
Poem from Sergent
in english

This could be hard, 'cos I'm no bad.
It's just a case of taking up space.
Going on like this, I should be fine.
I only need to fill each line.

It can't be hard, a poem's not long,
So maybe next I'll try a song?
"Oh no", you say, "My God, he's mad!"
How could you? I'm just very sad.

I spend my time writing this crap.
All in all it just fills a gap.
Unfinished paper? Think of trees,
Cover the rest with one of these.

Oh dear that's short, I could do more.
I only risk becoming a bore.
A waste of space this is indeed.
It should be banned, it was decreed.

Why is this here? Just throw it out.
It serves no purpose, there's no doubt.
Well there you're wrong, a role it plays.
This takes up space and so it stays!


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