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The Beatles
Their latest album...
in english

25 years after the Beatles split up, their new album has been released, pinning its commercial hopes on the song "Free as a Bird". This follows Queen's release of their latest, and probably last album since Freddy Mercury's death, "Made in Heaven".

It's come to that time of the year again when we must seriously question the state of pop music in the UK.

It seems that we have got to the stage when we must dig up old hits more and more often from dead or dying singers, simply because contemporary song-writers aren't performing as well as they should be.

The reason I feel this way comes with the recent release of two albums from the grave: "Anthology" from the Beatles and "Made in Heaven" from Queen. OK, it's true that these two groups have done a lot for this country's pop music in the past, but Virgin FM's virtually constant playing of "Free as a Bird" since it's much publicised launch on 20th November is enough to make you turn the dial.

The three songs which have been tipped (so far) to occupy the lucrative Christmas number slot are Robson & Jerome's "I Believe" (written several decades ago by the Bachelors), and yes "Free as a Bird" and "Heaven for Everyone". But three may be suitable for a royal marriage, but alas too much for the Xmas n I position. Let's hope a living artist is yet to arrive with a new song... The Beatles, meanwhile, are reviving their many fans' hearts with their new release. And although general opinion is divided over whether John Lennon is looking down on Paul, Ringo and George and saying: "This is one bird that should be flying solo." or whether he's saying: "Well done boys, but what took you so long?", it has to be said that this release had to be done before the remaining three all joined John. Although releasing two more so-called "unheard before material" may be stretching it a bit far...

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