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London Jazz Festival 1999
What's to remember...
en francais

You have to admit that jazz is best enjoyed when listened to in a small, noisy, smoky club, overcrowded by sexy and classy couples. However, some artists' international success means they can only perform in big concert halls on their world tours; and that means no atmosphere, lack of style etc? doesn't it ? Well, maybe not: there was a Cuban Bonanza at the Barbican Hall on Friday 15th with the bands responsible for the sound track of the highly successful film 'Buena Vista Social Club'. They may have been around 50 years old on average, but the music was fabulous. The rhythms were irresistible and most of the crowd progressively started dancing in the aisles ! Furthermore, at the end of the 'fiesta', the band invited some of the crowd to dance on stage !! The Cuban fire had sent the Barbican hall on a one way trip to Santiago !
This proves that jazz concerts don't have to be repentance, and more importantly, they're the only way to listen to the best musicians alive !
That's why you should try and get tickets to some of the acts on offer at the London Jazz Festival starting in November. The Zawinul Syndicate, Brandford Marsalis, Dianne Reeves and Taj Mahal are some of the jazz legends coming to London, and they will assist British front scene artists like Courtney Pine and Andy Sheppard in offering simply the best jazz concerts you can get.

The two acts that will steal the show, are: Dianne Reeves and Joe Zawinul.
Dianne Reeves is another one of these artists who can set any concert hall on fire; and so she did a year ago at the Royal Festival Hall, packed with young black women who couldn't stop expressing their love for the music. Her voice is irresistible, her scat improvisations would make a paralyzed 90-year-old stand up and dance, and her songs about fighting for survival and being strong make her show unmissable both for the music and for the ideas conveyed.
Joe Zawinul, keyboardist founder of the groundbreaking group 'Weather Report', mixes funk, rock, samples and jazz to revive Mile Davis' electric period. His music is very upbeat, and I promise you, you won't sleep through that one !

These concerts aren't cheap, and you have to book in advance to get the best seats for the lowest prices; but no jazz-fan should miss them.

Courtney Pine
Hammersmith Apollo 14th
The torchbearer of British Jazz in recent years.
Guests will bring jazz and hip-hop from both sides of the Atlantic.

Royal Festival Hall 14th £10
The towering figure of rai. A promising bluesy night with exotic flavors.

Brandford Marsalis
Royal Festival Hall 15th £10
A rare London appearance for the young sax legend, promoting his phenomenal last release: 'Requiem'.

The Zawinul Syndicate
Barbican Center 16th £12.50
See article

Taj Mahal
Royal festival Hall 16th £10
The American blues legend in a fascinating adventure between blues and his African roots.

Andy Sheppard
Royal Festival Hall 20th £10
Carla Bley and Steve Swallow will accompany the superb sax player. Three musicians at the top of their art.

Dianne Reeves
Royal festival Hall 21st £10
See article.


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