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U2 - POP
Their last album
en francais

If you've seen U2's first video off their latest album, Pop and you're a U2 fan, you're probably asking yourself: what's going on here? You've been waiting for four long years for a new U2 album and this is what you get: the four boys (now in their thirties) wearing polyester pants, tight T-shirts and sunglasses. In the last sequence, we see all four wearing Village People uniforms, thrusting their pelvises in the same direction. Lights blinking, different colours every half seconds, glittering disco balls, a glittering guitar, a girl dancing wildly over the guitarist (sprawled on his back). And the music? Guitar distortions right and left, weird tech no sounds in the background, inane lyrics. Is this a botched attempt by one of the world's leading rock bands to look young?

'Hey man, relax!" you want to shout at me. All right, maybe you should. I admit, the song does have a catchy tune but you should take into consideration that I have been waiting four years for a "classic" to come out. OK, back to the album; let's say that you've just bought it. You run back home and pop it in your Bang & Olufsen CD player (with Bose speakers)- I wish You skip over track one ( Discotheque). Track #2 sounds OK: Bono talking to an imaginary lover/friend about being loved; the music's not too bad. Track #3 is entitled "Mofo" and is all techpo rhythms & drum'n bass. U2 have never done anything like it before. It's new, interesting but quite artificial. '"ou can definitely hear the influence of techno DO, Ilowle B, who helped record and mix the album, here comes track #4: "If God will send his angels". You close you eyes in dread of what you're going to hear next.., but hey! this stuff actually sounds like vintage, classic, original 1J2. Yes!!! this is it! We're back in business:' Track #5 "Staring at the sun" starts off like a Santana tune and turns out pretty well, as do the next two tracks "last night on liarth" and "Gone". Song #8 "Miami" is just plain strange, please believe me on this one... '-"he l)layboy Mansion" is really excellent (I'm serious this time). Track #-O "If you wear that Velvet Dress" Is slow, sensual and sometimes jazzy; it even reminds me of Gershwin's "Summertime". The eleventh song "Please" gives the impression that it was written/composed when the author was on acid/alcohol; that's what actually makes it good. The last song "Wake up dead Man" leaves a similar Impression except that it sounds too vain: Bono pleading for the "dead man" to wake up while referring to Jesus every other line. (By the way, the album is replete with references to God and Jesus.)

OK, so it isn't as bad as It started out. I just think that the boys are trying too hard to look/sound young and authentic.


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