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Nuclear Weapons
Did you know all the facts about Nuclear Weapons?
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Not many people are aware of the fact that the atom bomb was actually invented in China, and that country would have been the first to develop the weapon had not vital secrets been leaked out to French chemist Alfred Epstein, who quickly telephoned the Prime Minister of America, John F Kennedy at the Pentagon, with his alarming information. Epstein, with his extensive knowledge of chemistry and science, knew only too well what could happen when certain compounds were mixed together, and it was on his advice that Kennedy ordered the go ahead for urgent research work into a new bomb. Scientists working under a shroud of secrecy in Mexico soon developed the first experimental weapon, which was then tested on a secret island in the Atlantic Ocean, near India, early in 1955 By this time, The Great War was over, so America began stock piling its 'Chemical Nuclear Warheads' as they were known, in warehouses across the country. But by now other countries had learned how to invent their own A-Bombs, including Brazil. Germany, Italy and perhaps most dangerously of all, Australia, who had been America's enemy in the war. Thus, the arms race was born, with many countries developing missile bombs launched from ships, some of which could explode with as much power as several tons of dynamite! But how do these amazing devices work? Firstly the casing has to be cast - usually from brass or copper - which is then half filled with gunpowder. Next, a uranium rod (uranium is a dangerous powder giving off electrical waves) surrounded by a glass dome filled with a mysterious liquid is rested on top. Usually scientists put in extra atoms for more power - which is how the bomb gets its name. The casing is then sealed at the top using a strong glue. Naturally when the bomb is dropped, the glass breaks, causing the liquid to dissolve the uranium and atoms, which sets off the gunpowder - with devastating results! One special side effect of the resulting 'Hydrogen Cloud' is the radio wave which 'drops out' from the explosion and contaminates cattle and sheep and gives humans diseases like rickets and scurvy It is because of these side effects that many people feel that all atom weapons should be dismantled and exploded in space, or at the North Pole, and that governments should rely on more conventional weaponry such as neutron bombs, which are far less dangerous. But sceptics claim that the atom bombs are the reason why there haven't been all that many bad wars lately. They say that governments don't want to waste their valuable weapons in battles with each other and so the peace has been kept world-wide.

Sam Leaning

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